Laborex is an analytical laboratory that offers services in the field of laboratory research and sample testing of environmental components, as well as ecological assessment and prognosis of health risk.

Laborex was founded in 2016 as a 100% private company. It is located in Sofia and has chemical and microbiological laboratories.
In July 2018, Laborex received an accreditation certificate with a registration number 2018 LI, issued by the executive company Bulgarian Accreditation Service.

Laborex has modern analytical equipment and highly-qualified and experienced specialists, guaranteeing the excellent quality and precision of all offered services. All activities meet the international quality control standard for the competence of testing and calibration (ISO/IEC 17025).

The company’s main activities include laboratory research and detection of pollutants and other components in water, soil, biologically-treated and other types of waste, and residue from sewage treatment plants. It performs testing through standardized methods as well as on technical specifications or other methods at the customer’s request. Laborex also performs testing, prognosis, and prevention of harmful environmental factors on human health.

We are dedicated to improving continuously by developing and adopting new methods that will lead to a richer portfolio of services as well as fully satisfied customer needs.


Laborex is a team of highly-qualified specialists that possess the necessary knowledge and experience to perform qualitative laboratory analysis, research and assessments. We always work with strict confidentiality concerning all information that pertains to our clients.

Each team member is extremely motivated to fulfill his professional duties with the highest quality and precision, with a full dedication on improving continuously along the way.

Our management team understands completely the importance of continuous development, ensuring the participation of the staff in various training activities such as seminars, courses, and other events.