Chemical Laboratory

Laborex has a chemical laboratory with a total area of about 100 sq.m. It is mainly used for the preparation of the samples and the subsequent chemical classical and instrumental analysis, including titration, spectrophotometric, spectral, gas-chromatographic, and others.

The equipment and furniture are in full compliance with the regulatory requirements for the specific activities performed in the laboratory.

Laborex uses reagents, consumables and reference materials from leading manufacturers, accompanied by the necessary certificates. Proof for the high quality of the performed analysis are the excellent results of participations in interlaboratory comparative tests for aptitude.

The laboratory is equipped with analytical scales, pH meter, conductometer, muffle furnace, dryers, purified water systems, Kjeldahl nitrogen detector, heating units, thermostats, spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, gas chromatograph, etc.

Microbiological Laboratory

Laborex has a microbiological laboratory built according to all modern requirements. The premises for autoclave, sterilization and decontamination of samples are separated.

This laboratory is used for sample preparation and microbiological analysis of waters (underground, surface and waste), biologically-treated waste, soils, and residue from sewage treatment plants.

Testing of submitted samples is conducted in accordance with established international and European standards for microbiological analysis. The sterility rules are strictly observed.

The laboratory is equipped with standard equipment – autoclave, sterilizer, thermostats, laminar flow box and other auxiliary equipment.